Thursday, February 5, 2009

Creative Headboards

white christmas lights hung in a heart shape, they then tied pretty little ribbons throughout.  so sweet!
hang your favorite dress above your bed, it's a simple touch but it can look so pretty
patchwork wallpaper
repurpose a door- you can also turn it sideways 
mirrors from Ikea
you can't make a headboard much more simple- use an existing window
paint your favorite love song lyrics on canvas and put it up above your bed
a sheet of stained plywood 
make use of your scarf collection and arrange them on the wall above your bed
blow up your favorite picture and print it out in tiles and arrange as a headboard- this is one of my favorites!  go to readymade for instructions on how to make this
how dreamy- hang two white sheets from the ceiling and in the middle string white crishtmas lights- so pretty and romantic when illuminated at night
make a stencil and paint your headboard onto the wall
This is a felt stretched on a wood frame with felt flower cut outs sewn onto it
 I love the white on white, it really becomes all about texture when you use the same color
a cool antique wood carving scultpure
paint a canvas your favorite color- this yellow really pops in the white and black room

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